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Hi everyone! Per the rules, I'm filling out the application:

Name: Ann
Age: 21
Top 5 Fave stores: Banana Republic, Macy's, American Eagle, Steve Madden, The Gap
Favorite piece of clothing: My American Eagle Hipster Jeans.. they go with everything.. I'm a huge t-shirt and jeans girl.
Favorite outfit: AE jeans, steve madden 'cate' heels in white, banana republic white empire waist tank, soft leather black chinese laundry hobo.
One thing you want more than anything: Jimmy Choo 'Geisha' Wedges.. sooo out of my budget, but they're BEAUTIFUL!
One thing you love: my boyfriend of almost two years! :)


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Hi! These are Urban Outfitters (Duh!) Damsel brand NWOT lavender silk sleepshorts. $2.99The picture in the auction is bigger and much more beautiful. These were $34.00 Retail

I live in the center of a crazy UO radius in Soho. Theres 3 on Broadway in walking distance, and 2 on 6th ave. in walking distance. Its crazy. But they all have a clearance bin. Its so amazing. You can look forward to more (tanks and tops!) very soon.

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ending soon......ohm

Hi guys, I am from Soho, NYC, selling a few things to save for rent. So I thought I'd post here. Thanks so much for lookin' Tuesday morning I'mm be adding even more new Urban Oufitters tops, and CK, LEI jeans, and so much more, so bookmark my ebay page. I promise not to dissappoint. ~Liz


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click for HOT THREADS

click for HOT THREADS

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Name: Deirdre ("dear-dra")
Age: 20
Top 5 Fave stores: Urban Out Fitters, Nordstroms, J. Crew, Buckle, Elisa Wen (local Botuque)
Favorite piece of clothing: I love all my shirts, it's hard to pick one out! I actually go through phases. Sometimes I love my Pink Lacoste, and other times I cant get enough of my black cardigan with a little patchwork cat. I really cant ecide, but tops are my thing!
Favorite outfit: I like to wear my Lucky cropped jeans, a polo, and Reef Sandals. If it's cold, a north face fleece is a must have!
One thing you want more than anything: Well, clothes related? Probably...7's with Swarvorsky (sp?) crystals. I also really want a Project E polo!
One thing you love: I love my boyfriend, Mark! 8D
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Hey, I'm deirdre, and as far as i know I;m posting the very first post in this community.
Right now I'm dying my hair, I'll post a pic when it's all done. Maybe a before and after actually.
Last time I checked there were only three members, but I just wanted to know....
Whats you personal Style?

I would call myself preppy, but sometimes i have spasims of "sporty/tomboy/surfer" but thats just california influence. 8)

Which reminds me ...if any of you want to join my new community california_prep

Oh, and I just added a new lacoste to my collection. I was to accumliate a whole rainbow of lacostes. I have black, pink, teal, and not baby blue. 8) yay!
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