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Name: Deirdre ("dear-dra")
Age: 20
Top 5 Fave stores: Urban Out Fitters, Nordstroms, J. Crew, Buckle, Elisa Wen (local Botuque)
Favorite piece of clothing: I love all my shirts, it's hard to pick one out! I actually go through phases. Sometimes I love my Pink Lacoste, and other times I cant get enough of my black cardigan with a little patchwork cat. I really cant ecide, but tops are my thing!
Favorite outfit: I like to wear my Lucky cropped jeans, a polo, and Reef Sandals. If it's cold, a north face fleece is a must have!
One thing you want more than anything: Well, clothes related? Probably...7's with Swarvorsky (sp?) crystals. I also really want a Project E polo!
One thing you love: I love my boyfriend, Mark! 8D
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